Asian hotpot available at Vikas Lake View Restaurant now!


Buffet style & eat as much as you like for $30.00 per person. ($35.00 for non-Vikas guests)

Booking is essential - 0490 661 476

What is a hotpot party

Hot pot is a Chinese cooking process. A big pot is set in the centre of the table containing boiling hot broth with a heating element underneath. Various raw ingredients are served around the pot, such as thinly sliced meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu, and noodles. The guests cook the ingredients in the broth and eat them with a dipping sauce.

There are many types of winter pot-based dishes across Asia, where many ingredients are added to a big pot and cooked in the centre of the table. However, Chinese hot pot has a distinguishing characteristic – only a small amount of ingredients is added to the pot by the individuals at the table and cooked just long enough, then the food is taken out and consumed immediately before more ingredients are added.

This is the part that makes Chinese hot pot really easy to prepare as a host, since the host only needs to wash and cut the ingredients – no need to cook anything beforehand. Plus, the fact that the meal is cooked on the dinner table makes the eating process so much more fun. Because everyone will be able to select their favorite ingredients, cook them to the degree they prefer, and combine ingredients to make their own sauces.